The Great Divide

from by HeavyWeight



isolation inequality
disconnect trends
choices change result solutions
decisions priorities
positive negative impact
compromise collapse accepted

who's wrong who's right who cares
none of that matters

hey hey hey
none of that matters

decisions that determine to engage or isolate
divide and rule
weaken and conquer
love and enslave

we're outcast like lepers
living on the fringe
the fabric of America shredded thin
our foundation crumbled
by the hands of the powers that be

who's wrong who's right who cares
none of that matters now

hey hey hey
hey hey hey
hey hey hey

we need some positive change

We've turned into a 50 headed monster
This day they feared
This day has come
Our cages have been rattled
Poked, prodded, and tormented for years
Bottled up for now but
the dog is off its chain

We've created a environment of hatred and violence which accomplishes nothing

United we stand
divided we fall

they have drove a stake
into America's heartland

somethings got to change
or continue our descend

Backing everything I despise
Everything I hate

There's been a great divide
No one gets out of here alive

we are consumed and distracted by the next new shiny trend they dangle in front of our face

your Facebook likes
mean nothing

by the hands of
the powers that be

Hey Hey Hey

We are faced with Heavy times
situation unstable
Separation of people
By money power greed
Race & religion politics
the power
The color we see
Divides our nation
Spreads across the land
Fighting each other
We need a new plan.....


from Balance​/​Contrast, released December 19, 2016



all rights reserved


HeavyWeight Muscatine, Iowa

Hailing from the small overlooked town of Muscatine, IA, HeavyWeight started out as just a means for 5 guys to play music while holding down the basic adult juggling act of family and work. With musical backgrounds ranging from doom style rock/ metal to the fast paced hardcore style, HeavyWeight molds all these sounds into one solid monster wall of sound. ... more

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